Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Irideus Baitfish Streamer Fly Fishing Flies Steelhead to Snook Savey

Irideus Top Gun Baitfish Streamer Fly fishing Fly
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Once upon a time there was a box of flies that lived deep in an old mans gear bag. When summer time came around each year these wonderful flies started a new chapter. Looking at the beautiful streamlined flies and materials captured me as a child. Never where these flies forgotten about. As summer sets in each year, in tradition the flies are recreated to begin a new season. Hard fighting fish that crush the small bait fish offerings swimming on the tide ,river seams and hidden lakes make summer a wonderful time. Irideus fly fishing flies are bringing a few of the best minnow and bait fish fly fishing flies to the public. A well rounded group of baitfish streamers that will cover all your basis on the bait fish journey. Fresh water fly fishers and saltwater fly fishers are encouraged to build a fly box full of these wonderful bait fish streamer flies. The old man was on to something and the history of the box that made dreams real lives on.
Irideus........................where the journey begins!

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