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Irideus 6/7 Spey Rod
The Spey Casters Page will be here to serve as a buyers guide for our custom spey rod series and also the line systems we suggest for them. This is the place to get the facts. You will not find bias opinions floating yet the hard facts on some of the best spey rods to hit the water in years. The information will be from company pros and well known guides. It seems these rods have come under the gun and we will say trust in the facts not the hype. Our customers are the world to us, we even remember your name. As we build our spey page network the facts on this company will shine like the sun at first light!
                            Irideus.......................................where the journey begins! dealers Spey Design Purchase
Pro Purchase~Current State Guide Lic # $225.00
 Irideus Spey Rod Line Information
Irideus Spey Rod Promo~Test the rod and say the same thing the big company reps do beind closed doors. The word is leaking out and we thank you for the compliments. A few trusted industry customers will be dropping a review page to clear things up for any new customers considering us as your one and only.
There is something to be said about people who support the efforts of a small company.
Thank you very much~
THE 2011 Irideus Spey Rod and Switch Fly Rod Line up & Zen Spey 40 ft  Shooting Heads
(These rods and lines are exclusive to our company.)

Irideus Switch & Spey 6/7 11.6 Line #1 Andromodus ST Running Line ZEN 40 ft 356 Grain Shooting Head~Grain window 356 & 456 Grain Irideus40 ft  ZEN Shooting Heads

Irideus 7/8 13.0  Line #2 Andromodus ST Running Line Irideus ZEN 40 ft 456 Grain Shooting Head ~Grain Window 40 ft  456,556,606 ZEN Shooting Heads

Irideus 8/9 13.6  Line #3 Andromodus ST Running Line Irideuis40 ft  ZEN 40 ft 556 Grain Shooting Head ~Grain Window  556,606 40 ft ZEN Shooting Heads

Sink Tip sections in 4 ft, 8 ft, 15 ft~ irideus Floating 15 Ft Camo Sections Welded Micro Loops

15 ft Irideus Depth Charge 150 Sink tip~A smooth operator on any line!~Micro Loops~This tip is set to serve any fly rod 6-12wt and all switch & rods . The design may be the best in the industry for fly presentation. A precision line attachment that is a must have for any fisher.

Andromodus ST Shooting Running Lines~Running line is a personal choice. This is our version of a running line that will help you cast like a pro. 100 ft of smooth casting line sure to please all spey casters world wide. These running lines will also balance out standard fly rods 6 wt - 12 wt class. The lines are ready in 4 sizes to balance any rod on the market to date. On the second year with top class honors this line is one to search out!  Fine tune your gear with our exclusive options we bring forth to share with the world. ENJOY~

Thank you for coming here we look forward to serving your needs. Try out the gear in promo while you can. We are sure this will bring the world the facts on the products made for  and tested on chrome fish.

          Irideus Spey Rod, Large Arbor Spey Fly Fishing Reel,  Zen Spey Line, Shooting Head Steelhead Chinook Salmon . 2012 Irideus Spey Rod Designs in testing.

New 2012 Irideus Spey Rods
New 2012 Timothy Horner Spey Tube Flies
The Irideus Large Arbor Steelhead Switch & Spey Reel
New Spey Reels for 2012
Log into the Irideus Spey page to keep up to date with current 2012 spey casting equipment information. Testing products on rivers, fish and humans the old fashioned way brings new information daily. We are a long way from the first spey rods of 2009-2010. Now we enter the year 2012 with two handed spey rods that will stand against rod in the industry. The price is a reflection of what we as dedicated steelhead fishers feel we would pay on a layman budget for the best. There is one way to get the one of our 2012-2013 Spey rod designs and pair it with the custom Zen shooting head designed for it. The proof is in the pudding and it is SWEET!
New 2012 Zen Spey Lines 356,456,556,606 Grain
The word is back and the lines are champions for many rods besides our own. We do not use other company names to compare to yet its obvious the future of spey shooting heads will be Zen.

2012 7/8 Irideus Spey Rod and a large wild buck worthy of trophy status. Irideus Spey Reels are up for the challenge. Zen Spey lines and running lines will have you casting like a pro.
Link To New 2012 Irideus Spey Rods
Looking down on a spey rod we are proud of. Like a surf board shaper we bring you true classics that evolved modern steelhead spey and switch fly rods for 2012. Look close these spey rods are something very special that even offer trout fisherman a great option this year. Take part in a very special aspect of our company. The patent pending reel seat, custom cork design, grade A components and finish work have been given kudos from top rod designers.
Take one home to your local water and show people what we have been creating for the community. Give two handed spey casting a try if your new to these fly fishing rods.
Do you know that the rod your looking at is famous. Have a look at the dimensions of the new spey rods for 2012 that have spawned our spey rod dimensions.Click~Link to 2012 Spey rod information 11.6 6/7,7/8 13.0.8/9 13.6  If you have bought a rod of these dimensions and you need a shooting head fly fishing line system, we have them. Take pride in the 2012 Irideus Zen Spey Shooting heads and running lines. We hope now that our rods have created a wave the true steelhead fishers and new fishers will come to the company that had more in mind than a deep pocket. The fly fishing community means everything to us. To all the people who make it the colorful sport it is we look forward to meeting you.
"A River Runs Through It"
Look forward to some historic truth unfolding soon. Yes these rods are part of it!
American Shad Fly Fishing Sacramento River Chico California
The hard fighting American shad is a blast to fish on the 6/7 Irideus Spey Rod. This rod also brings great pleasure to the trout and steelhead the Sacramento River has to offer. People who are looking for one two handed spey rod to add to your fly fishing rod collection should find this rod. The custom design spawned from a love for half pound natural feeding steelhead brings the world a great all waters option in the Irideus 6/7 Spey Rod design by Timothy Horner.

The Irideus 6/7 Spey Fly Rod Trophy Trout Fly Fishing the Sacramento River California
The 2013 Irideus spey rod line up yet again has taken to honors on California,Alaska,Washington,Oregon and Canada rivers. There is something very special about steelhead fly fishing and the rods that are dedicated to fly fishing these amazing game fish.There is an Irideus model spey rod for all steelhead river and flow conditions.The fly fishing community will find a rod for salmon,trout and the saltwater fly fishing flats born inside of each Irideus steelhead spey rod. Steelheaders bringing all two handed spey casters something very special in this fine new year. The fact that Irideus team members have landed more trophy California steelhead then any other recorded fishers in 2013 sets the bar high for companies toying in the steelhead game. Remember this Irideus is a 360 days a year steelhead trout and salmon fly fishing company. The products are tested on the gamefish that have proved to be models for any company planning to compete with the 2013 Irideus spey rod line up. Trust in time on the water and the people who bring the community so many special things! Irideus steelhead fly fishing products bring all fly fishers something worth finding this year.
The chrome steelhead of California coastal steelhead fly fishing rivers will bring you back time after time!

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