Monday, February 20, 2017

Fly fishing steelhead and trophy trout with Irideus 2017 minnow fly fishing fly patterns is something to hang on to.


If you have water you have baby fish. They may be salmon smolt, Alevin or pond smelt for that matter. There is no doubt fishing the Irideus baitfish fly collection is fun and also matches the hatch. Baitfish fly fishing fly patterns will get a much more explosive strike making for great action.
Flosting or sinking an Irideus minnow fly pattern is fun to do with friends. Many of the slashes miss the fly yet you and your fly fishing partner get to share in each surface explosion.
A fun little steelhead that could not resist a dead drifted wounded Irideus Fry Boy floating baitfish fly.
We can not say enough good things about fishing smolt,minnow and baitfish fly fishing fly patterns. If your having a slow day what do you have to lose? keep a nice selection of minnow,fry and baitfish flies in we hope your Irideus fly box. In the process of sharing our passion for fly fishing we hope you to intern will support Irideus. People who read this and try this fly fishing style will be glad they read this post. The information goes around the world to all our friends. It may be a sculpin or a small salmon fry. It may be a small American shad headed up stream. in any form the baby fish is just plain on the menu for fly fishing gamefish. We wish you good luck.
We call steelhead like this footballs. in most cases they are 3-5 pound slabs of muscle sure to test your gear. We enjoy our spey rods. Irideus has a well rounded line up of shooting head and distance casting fly lines. The irideus Zen Series Shooting heads are now ready for single hand fly rod fishers in 2015. it takes a fine touch to fish minnows or tiny caddis fly nymph patterns. The Irideus fly fishing lines will bring you the same things we need on our 360 day a year blue ribbon steelhead and trout fly fishery. We are lucky to be here and to bring to our friends around the world watch our time on the water brings back. Irideus has exclusive shooting head grain weights and fly lines sure to please all that fly fish them.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Irideus 2017 Steelhead Trout and Salmon fly fishing flies will have you full of holiday cheer

Ava's Atom Flash Streamer brings a touch of beauty to the rivers edge. A fish catching work of art that is a must have Irideus steelhead and trophy trout fly fishing fly for 2017. This year will be a good one for everyone who enjoys the Irideus custom fly patterns.
The Irideus Deep End Streamer puts the winter steelhead season in melt down. If you have fresh coastal chrome steelhead lurking this is a fun fly to swing. It will serve you well on fish far up the river systems. Big Brown Trout also enjoy crushing this fly. BOOM
The Irideus Fire Ball Czech Nymph is a solid go to fly or trail fly for any Irideus streamer fly pattern. We really enjoy using Czech Nymph flies in many renditions to meet the natural selection of bugs on the water. One Favorite we are bringing back for 2017 is the Pulaski New York Pink Maggot steelhead fly Pictured below.

The giant Irideus Big Sur Ghost Shrimp Czech Nymph Scud is back in 2017 in a few new variants. This is a well loved pattern named after a place that was a remembered home. Steelhead fly fishers should own a set of these wonderful time tested Irideus flies.
The Irideus Ava's All Star Olive Oil Butte Creek Born Attractor Nymph will wake up any stubborn steelhead or trout hugging the bottom under a bank or stump. Roll this baby by them.

The GPS Caddis tied up into the Mill Creek Morsal. What can we say, this is Northern California staple food for trout and steelhead. We have to tune into the natural selection of bugs. One could say we have a love affair with our local Caddis flies in every form.
The Irideus Blue Dream Assortment offers a bead head rendition of our Blueberry Wooly bugger in Soft hackle form. We all love little effect streamers. These flies have been very effective for us and we are proud to offer them in a mid weight form this year.
The Irideus 2017 Double Team Pheasany Tail Nymph by Timothy Horner. Yes, on some days two are better than one. This is a sexy fly big fish enjoy.

Click on the link below to see the current Irideus fly fishing fly menu. They will all be offered on our website after January 1 2017 for those who enjoy shopping there.

        CLICK HERE TO BUY FLIES  Enjoy building your personal collection of Irideus flies.

We want to send out  some holiday cheer to our loyal customers. We are all ways trying to make that trophy steelhead,trout or salmon come to your hand. May the new year find you well and on the water. Soak up the little things in life worth loving.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The soul and spirit of Steelhead fly fishing is alive in California with Irideus fly fishing flies and boxes

It seems each year we all wish for some amazing steelhead run that will out scale anything from the past. In our positive thinking we dream for our best steelhead run in history. Most years on the local rivers we see a mix from years past. We have learned to be happy with even a slow year with blown out river conditions. In some situations the fishing is predicted by the salmon run. Many steelhead filter into the rivers behind them. This year we found many salmon Redd's that were empty with no steelhead showing in some reliable locations. It forced us to refine our flies to a trout style nymphing approach and many long hours walking.
It did not take long to see the weather turn for the worst here in California with some heavy rains beating down on our local mountains.
South wind gust 15 to 30 knots. Rain heavy at times, downpours in the morning. Do you just wait for a better day? No you go pick up your friend get the rain gear on and hit the water. Once your soggy butts are in waders and your rigged up the smiles start rolling out. The crowds are gone and only a few hunters brave the weather. With high hopes and some skilled hands and Irideus fly fishing flies we hit the river. This is no fish story. Third cast was a hook up with a perfect little Northern California steelhead. Time was taken to follow our friend down stream until the steelhead was landed and released. Then moments later there was a hook up on my fly. As I looked up I see larbo with a bent rod and we are in a double hook up situation. After some smiles and shouts,hoots and drag burns we turned them back to the riffle. It was like being on top of the world and the true reason we go through all the slow days.
Back we went to doing our best in the wind gusts and downpours. Then larbo is hooked up again. This can not be happening. Some more smiles and high fives and back we go. It is not long before my reel sings the steelhead song again. The fish does its wild dance and sets the fly free. At this point the wind and rain is not a factor and we are in a steelhead frenzy.
After another two hours of beating weather we had not even had a hit. 4 more hours later and we laughed as we bowed down to being in the right place at exactly the right time. We all most flaked and passed up the river because of the weather. Never let any weather report stop you. Learn to adapt. Chances are you own the best foul weather gear on the market anyway. If you do not well try a contractor bag with custom arm and neck holes with duck tape to reinforce it. Live life and fly fish often. Bring home a collection of Irideus fly fishing flies and share in our same passion for trout and steelhead fly fishing.
Irideus Nor Cal Birds Nest Nymph Flies in to beautiful renditions are pictured above.
The natural selection fly fishing flies and nymph fly patterns bring us close to the returning steelhead we love. After many years we are still proud to offer our custom fly fishing boxes like the Irideus GreenWater fly box series we can custom design here in Chico just for you. When its time to give your bugs a new home choose Irideus fly fishing boxes.

May your days on the water be many. May the company of a close friend bring happiness to you in some bad weather just like this day. You may find you end up just like us!
Irideus Guilt Free Egg fly fishing flies. This is wonderful pattern to trust in from us. We hope everyone takes time to enjoy the current fly menu.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Irideus Fly Fishing Etiquette and turning snag style fisherman into wiser more responsible stewards of salmon resources

 You know the people who are catchers yet they know all to well they are golfing for salmon and steelhead with a hook. Then there are the folks mimicing this style in hopes of results. This brews a horrible event and actually teaches this as a fishing style. Some are expert anglers and some are people on vacation on the steward hwy. In any case we all seem to complain about this and words on the river have been exchanged over this topic.
We did a test study to see if we could turn the table for some of these people by teaching them about what is happing and trying to tune them into the salmon life cycle and fly fishing in and around it. Some actually believed these Chinook King salmon would not eat a fly. They were convinced that it was a lining or to us snagging technique that hooked these chrome sided fish up.
We have found a large attractor style fly with a good egg pattern fly trailer would stimulate some of these Kings. In clear water over the years fishing steelhead it is not uncommon to have a salmon attack a wooly bugger or even a large nymph style fly fishing fly. Its a numbers game. But at the end of the day you go home refreshed, in tune and even smarter than before about these amazing searun fish.
Not a King yet a Silver salmon that was fly caught and eaten at camp. Alaska resources are some of the best managed in the world. Thank you to all the people involved.
Giving up flies to these folks was fun and some have even sent some nice pictures. We see more fly rods in the hands of some of these people with bigger smiles. One thing is for sure snaggers eat beans. Its up to you to not be a snob and to teach. Do not complain bring a fly tying vice to the river and teach these guys how to pump out crazy egg patterns the salmon will eat. Yes tell them its ok to put the scent they live by on the fly. Do what you have to do. Like mentioned earlier this is fact. King salmon do eat flies and its worth your time.
Next time you see your home town run turn into a snagging circus take a stand. These amazing fish deserve respect.
If the salmon is not going to be killed do not take it out of the water. If you are going to eat it kill it in the water and bleed the fish. It should not suffer at the expense of your weeks worth of health food.
Best regards to the fly fishing community. Happy fall!
A custom Irideus GreenWater fly box with a few patterns that will turn a Chinook salmon's head. They may not all feed but when one attacks your fly out of aggression or to eliminate competition hang on to your fly rod.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fly fishing trout with Irideus fly fishing flies and storing them inside Irideus fly boxes

Walking the dream and wetting the fly in picture perfect California trout country. Happy 2016 trout season!
Its a wonderful time of year when the calendar lets us know trout season has opened. Its the year 2016 and the same excitement fills the air as it did decades ago. It takes many of us back to our childhood and it also marks the start of a new trout season.
Living in northern California we are in tune with the bugs that we are lucky to be surrounded by. In the appreciation of these wonderful we are inspired to create fly fishing flies that take detail to a new level in flies that are for sale to the public. Many of the 2016 Irideus trout fly fishing flies bring life to the many nymphs,stoneflies of our local area that are dead matches to many of the bugs in your neck of the woods. Attention to detail can be found in the Irideus leggy Series fly fishing flies. These flies get eaten by big trout. the also are fancied by all the trout in your favorite fly fishing run.

Hail the salmon flies that fill the air as the snow melts and the trout begin to start the annual feast on some of our favorite high country streams in the Mount Lassen drainage. We also send out an early summer cheer to all lake fly fisherman chasing the trout they love!
The Irideus Potato Patch Dry Fly is so fun to fish this time of year. It makes for an easy on the eye fly so you can enjoy trying to make that perfect cast. Some people will run an eighteen inch leader from the back of the hook to tie on a small nymph. Irideus offers some of the most detailed nymph fly fishing fly offerings in the industry. Even if your a master fly tyer you will find yourself inspired by the love for the Irideus bugs. Matching the naturals is not only a must for trout season but our local steelhead tune into the natural selection fly menu. This confirms or denies a fly in a hurry. The flies we offer to the public catch fish and they are tested and true. The hooks and materials are top quality. They are meant to hold up to solid trout and steelhead in our local waters.
The darn mosquito's are going to be out again this season. The Alaska electric tennis racket comes to mind. But wait better yet lets tie one into an amazing fly and fish it! This pest has become a trout staple food for our fly fishing needs. Trout love these bugs and are ready to eat them. irideus has several fly fishing fly patterns that inmate these bugs and we hope you fish them this season.
The Irideus attractor nymph named the Ht Creek Hippie Tail is a top ten choice for trout season. We tune in and have it tied into a cinnamon brown as trout season starts. This is our winter rendition that has found many local trophy brown and rainbow trout.
A 3wt fly rod and an Irideus fly fishing boxes loaded up with flies sure to make dreams come true if the scenery has not all ready.
Living the fly fishing dream one inch at a time is a beautiful thing that fills your soul with cheer and happiness.
The Irideus Rise fly fishing box is one of the best fly fishing fly storage options in the fly fishing industry. If a trout fly fisher could own only one fly box this Irideus fly storage option would be it. The outer surface has a molded traction design that not only offers a tight grip with wet hands but an exclusive design.
We send out a trout cheer to all our local customers, families and friends. The time of year is here again! May all the people in the world who read this have the best 2016 trout fly fishing season ever!
Check out our website Http:// and fill your gear bags up with the irideus promo auctions on ebay over the next month or two. We can assure you if you look today you will see many deals we put up to kick off this wonderful time of year for our customers.
Link to the trout season promo deals is below.
The next few days are sure to make a few lucky trout fly fishers happy!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Irideus 2016 GreenWater fly fishing boxes are coming to a fly shop near you this year

Irideus 2016 GreenWater fly fishing boxes are coming to a fly shop near you this year. The sport of fly fishing needs a role model and the GreenWater fly fishing box by Irideus is it.
Irideus has long enjoyed providing the fly fishing community and industry with amazing fly fishing fly storage options. The Irideus GreenWater fly box has more custom lay out designs than all the designs on the market put together. As the world becomes more crowded, used and abused a shift toward eco friendly became mainstream. Years later we see eco friendly becoming a real situation and it should matter most to the fly fishers using the eco systems depending on us to steward them. The greenWater fly box design has been around for over ten years and its design and message are the same. 100% made from recycled materials and made in Chico California USA. This irideus fly box is the tough guy when it comes to getting beat up in drift boats , backpacks and trucks. It is by far the most durable fly fishing box in the industry. We are going to be reaching out to all the fly fishing shops that have survived this horrible economy. Its been a tough road for all but the bottom line is we all care about our sport and it is up to us not only to carry the torch but to pass it on. We are going to pass our message on in 2016 through the Irideus GreenWater fly box. We hope any fly shop owners who read this will reach out to us at irideusflyfishing@gmail.and stock two of these sport supporting fly box designs. They sell and its a product your customers should have access to. We would like to see the Irideus fly box become a shop exclusive sold only by you in 2016-2017. We will offer the mainstay design and will offer several fly storage options for steelhead flies,trout flies,salmon flies,saltwater flies and meat flies for Musky, Pike and exotic species.
We look forward to speaking with fly shops,lodges and outfitters passionate about taking the sport of fly fishing into the future. It is up to all of us to educate our youth and pass on edicate,stewardship and leadership to them. If not who will protect the fish and the waters that they swim. How will they cast a fly if the river is dammed and the fish are gone. Will they say in the old days steelhead actually swam here. Or will they say this section of the river should be closed for habitat restoration and spawaning habitat sanctuary? its up to us and will look forward to being on the front lines of this in 2016. Our message will be spread through the Irideus greenWater Fly Boxes and through all the like minded people who will pass on the fly fly fishing torch to the next generation. Also never forget fly fishing  is a gift and it should be shared. Many people need something special like this sport in thier life. It is great to see our troops come home to open arms with fly rods. But it may also be your neighbor who could use a day on the water to ease his or her mind. We say GO FISH and love the sport that loves you back!