Saturday, July 28, 2012

Irideus fly fishing flies bring light to the underwater world of river, lake, stream & saltwater flats

Irideus Custom Wooly Bugger Fly Fishing Fly Pattern Collection

Irideus Articulated River Prawn Fly Fishing Flies.
Some flare for the people who know them!
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The world below the surface of the water is a complex place. As fly fishers we take on this challenge with full passion.The 2012 Irideus fly collection is here to take some of the mystery out of this underwater world. Our fly fishing tube flies and fly fishing fly patterns bring years of time and testing to your fly rod tip. The Irideus steelhead flies that have been introduced to the fly fishing community this year are a trophy trout fly fishers treat. Many of the irideus steelhead flies are designed to fly fish for natural feeding steelhead. Trout fly fishers at heart are presenting natural seasonal offerings on most days. The 2012 Irideus flies are catching on in the trout fly fishing world. That is great because we also are die hard trout that bring many custom trout fly renditions to the world this year. The Irideus steelhead tube flies were designed to fly fish for steelhead trout and salmon yet bring the saltwater fly fishing community a group of tube fly baitfish patterns as historic as the clouser minnow. The beauty of fly fishing tube flies in saltwater is the hook can be changed out on each outing if it is dull. In our eyes a sharp hook is a good hook! Inshore saltwater fly fisherman will find most of the tube flies are very effective on snook,redfish,weakfish and tarpon. Some of the flies will fancy bonefish and permit as well. We have a small group of saltwater flies that will be out on the market once we have finished the design and improvement of the 2012 saltwater fly renditions.
Have faith in your fly fishing flies that come from Irideus, where the journey begins!

Irideus Spice Cake Wooly Bugger Streamer Fly Fishing Flies

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