Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New 2012 Irideus steelhead,trout and salmon flies bring the fly fishing community all water fly choices.

New 2012 Irideus Leggy Czech Nymph Flies
Link to the 2012 Irideus fly collection~Click Here
New Spey Rods for 2012~Link below
The new Irideus 2012 fly fishing fly collection has inspired many people to get back out on the water. The passion and love for the sport of fly fishing can be seen in our steelhead fly,trout fly,salmon fly,bass fly and saltwater fly assortments. Irideus detailed fly fishing fly renditions are sure to round out your fly collection. Steelhead fly fishing has inspired many of our trout flies. Steelhead can be natural feeders and this can be a very tough fly fishing game. The steelhead can become very picky when feeding on aquatic natural selections. Irideus fly fishing flies have been designed to excell in tough fly fishing situations for steelhead. When it comes to picky fish when fly fishing, our new flies get noticed by trophy class trout. We have expanded on our trout fly fishing flies for 2012. Flies that were eaten by trout when steelhead fishing were noted. The renditions were improved for action or for various fly swimming effects. Our customers now cover the globe and they come back to us for the world class quality and exclusive fly patterns. Timothy Horner has  brought the world of fly fishing more exclusive fly patterns this year. In 2012 we have launched an entire line of his tube flies and custom steelhead,trout,salmon and saltwater fly patterns. Saltwater fly fishers have been noticing that our steelhead and salmon tube fly renditions are taking wonderful fish in saltwater. If the game fish you are fly fishing for eats bait fish, chances are Timothy Horner fly fishing flies have a pattern for you. Build a special new collection of Irideus fly fishing flies in 2012. Give our tube flies a try this year,they have som many wonderful attributes. People ask us why we like tube flies. The answer is swimming action and the ability to change to a new hook on each outing. The Tribute tube fly box will serve as a wonderful fly box for your tube flies. The Tribute tube fly box also has a small er version. The micro Tribute tube fly box is great for smaller tube flies and even standard fly fishing flies like conehead streamers. The entire 2012 Irideus fly box line up has an option for all fishers this year.  Irideus fly fishing flies are now here for the world to enjoy. The ability to adapt on the water will come down to a good selection of flies to meet changing conditions.
New 2012 Timothy Horner HK Hares Ear Irideus Fly Fishing Flies
Link to Timothy Horner's HK Hares Ear~Click Here
Irideus GPS Caddis steelhead Flies catch a beautiful chrome buck.

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