Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fly fishing "Mongolian White Spotted Char" in Japan with Irideus fly fishing flies.

Irideus Steelhead Intruder Fly Fishing Flies- "Mongolian White Spotted Char"
Link to Irideus Orange Crush Intruder Flies~Click Here
Irideus steelhead intuder flies have brought many fly fishers luck on the international fly fishing scene. Many people do not think of Japan when it comes to spey casting large intruder steelhead style flies for giant Char. Japan spey fly fishing is one of the best kept secrets in the world. Japan also is one of the  most rewarding destinations in international fly fishing travel. The mountains ,rivers,people and wide aray of trophy class Anadromodus fish will open many eyes this year. By the end of 2012 Irideus will be unveiling an international fly fishing documentary.  Our fly fishing video will shed some light on the hidden fly fishing gems off the beaten path and also right in the urban jungle as well. We will introduce you to some of the most advanced spey casters and standard fly rod fisherman around the globe. Most of these people do not enjoy being in the limelight but as a team effort we are stepping into the spotlight with this video. It will to say the least inspire many new Spey casting fly fishers. passing on something bigger with a wonderful international flare. Japan was one of the destinations that has been long planned. To our close friend Nobuhide, we thank you for introducing the flies to the trophy class fish in Japan. Nobu has tested all of our flies on Japan fly fishing waters and if traveling there we have a proven set of tested flies and tube flies that can be purchased on request at The rivers in Japan will open some eyes this year and the fish will inspire the next generation of two handed spey casters and fly fishers on all levels. On the road in life try to find Zen or at least the meaning of the word. Zen is a peaceful place where you are close to what you love. At Irideus we are passing this message on to the fly fishing community and hope you find it.We have named some of our new 2012 fly fishing equipment after a word that seems to guide us in the right direction as we swim for the headwaters. Thank you to all everyone in the fly fishing industry and community who supports our efforts. We are in this for all the right reasons and we are inspiring a new generation of fly fishers while bringing the historic past back to our mentors.

Irideus fly fishing products and flies............where the journey begins!

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