Friday, April 25, 2014

Spey casting can be intimidating to many people but it is only another form of self expression in fly casting

Feeling the pull of a giant Chinook salmon on a spey rod is an exhilarating feeling. The take of a large fly on a swung spey cast will have you coming back for more.
Timothy Horner expressing a unique spey casting style with the 2014 6/7 Irideus spey rod. Its fun to watch him work the tree lined banks impossible to fly fish with standard fly rods. If you give him some casting room a true symphony of classic and home schooled spey casts unload on the local steelhead runs. If you ever plan to fly fish for steelhead the Irideus 6/7 spey rod has proved to be a model. Find them on the Irideus website. The finish work and components that make up the rod leave the price an honest true best in the fly fishing industry.

As the California Sacramento River Shad run starts we find spey casting for the poor man's Tarpon to be a bucket full of fun! Try fishing a sink tip from a floating Skagit shooting head with a short 3 foot leader.
This is a chrome King Salmon we thought was the steelhead of a lifetime. Hooking a trophy fish is one thing, now try to land it! Spey rods give you an advantage on trophy fish. You can work many angles during the battle you could never attempt with a single hand rod. It seems as far as steelheading goes on the Feather River the Irideus trophy steelhead pictures speak load and clear to the international fly fishing community! Check the history and documented  photo and video journey out. Give spey casting a try this year, do not be intimidated by all the technical hype. We keep the spey casting fly rod , reel and line game simple for our customers. Offering balanced fly fishing spey rods, reels and lines that make it easy for a beginner to get started easy.

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