Monday, April 21, 2014

Irideus Spring Steelhead flies are finding some little chrome fish on the local town runs.

As the cotton wood seeds begin to fall into the river the Irideus fly fishing flies for the Feather river turn into some of the best trout flies you will find. The steelhead are tuned into the natural selection and matching the hatch is very effective.
Irideus Rochette Custom Wired Leggy Stonefly fly fishing flies are a top choice trout and steelhead spring fly fishing fly pattern.
A Fat little Sacramento River rainbow trout that fought just as hard as any stelhead of the same size. These fish are picky and returning one back to the river is a true honor.
Irideus Timothy Horner Chico Upper park Orange Caddis serve as a multi bug offering. We will run these as a lead fly to a smaller nymph fly tied 18 inches behind this one. The flies are also run fro our Irideus Micro tippet Swivel rings sure to help you land more fish.

A close up mug shot of the face of the spring run steelhead we love. California spring run  steelhead may not tip the scales in size but will test your skills and fine tune your fly fishing game. Trout season is year round here but it opens in most of America this month. Build your collection of Irideus natural feeding steelhead flies for some very effective trout fly patterns. You will find a diverse selection of custom fly fishing flies that that are tested and true on the fly fishing waters in the Chico California area.

This nymph fly dropper rig is using the Irideus Micro Swivel Tippet ring to show a very effective way to fly fish nymph patterns for steelhead and trout.

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