Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The soul and spirit of Steelhead fly fishing is alive in California with Irideus fly fishing flies and boxes

It seems each year we all wish for some amazing steelhead run that will out scale anything from the past. In our positive thinking we dream for our best steelhead run in history. Most years on the local rivers we see a mix from years past. We have learned to be happy with even a slow year with blown out river conditions. In some situations the fishing is predicted by the salmon run. Many steelhead filter into the rivers behind them. This year we found many salmon Redd's that were empty with no steelhead showing in some reliable locations. It forced us to refine our flies to a trout style nymphing approach and many long hours walking.
It did not take long to see the weather turn for the worst here in California with some heavy rains beating down on our local mountains.
South wind gust 15 to 30 knots. Rain heavy at times, downpours in the morning. Do you just wait for a better day? No you go pick up your friend get the rain gear on and hit the water. Once your soggy butts are in waders and your rigged up the smiles start rolling out. The crowds are gone and only a few hunters brave the weather. With high hopes and some skilled hands and Irideus fly fishing flies we hit the river. This is no fish story. Third cast was a hook up with a perfect little Northern California steelhead. Time was taken to follow our friend down stream until the steelhead was landed and released. Then moments later there was a hook up on my fly. As I looked up I see larbo with a bent rod and we are in a double hook up situation. After some smiles and shouts,hoots and drag burns we turned them back to the riffle. It was like being on top of the world and the true reason we go through all the slow days.
Back we went to doing our best in the wind gusts and downpours. Then larbo is hooked up again. This can not be happening. Some more smiles and high fives and back we go. It is not long before my reel sings the steelhead song again. The fish does its wild dance and sets the fly free. At this point the wind and rain is not a factor and we are in a steelhead frenzy.
After another two hours of beating weather we had not even had a hit. 4 more hours later and we laughed as we bowed down to being in the right place at exactly the right time. We all most flaked and passed up the river because of the weather. Never let any weather report stop you. Learn to adapt. Chances are you own the best foul weather gear on the market anyway. If you do not well try a contractor bag with custom arm and neck holes with duck tape to reinforce it. Live life and fly fish often. Bring home a collection of Irideus fly fishing flies and share in our same passion for trout and steelhead fly fishing.
Irideus Nor Cal Birds Nest Nymph Flies in to beautiful renditions are pictured above.
The natural selection fly fishing flies and nymph fly patterns bring us close to the returning steelhead we love. After many years we are still proud to offer our custom fly fishing boxes like the Irideus GreenWater fly box series we can custom design here in Chico just for you. When its time to give your bugs a new home choose Irideus fly fishing boxes.

May your days on the water be many. May the company of a close friend bring happiness to you in some bad weather just like this day. You may find you end up just like us!
Irideus Guilt Free Egg fly fishing flies. This is wonderful pattern to trust in from us. We hope everyone takes time to enjoy the current fly menu.

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