Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fly fishing trout with Irideus fly fishing flies and storing them inside Irideus fly boxes

Walking the dream and wetting the fly in picture perfect California trout country. Happy 2016 trout season!
Its a wonderful time of year when the calendar lets us know trout season has opened. Its the year 2016 and the same excitement fills the air as it did decades ago. It takes many of us back to our childhood and it also marks the start of a new trout season.
Living in northern California we are in tune with the bugs that we are lucky to be surrounded by. In the appreciation of these wonderful we are inspired to create fly fishing flies that take detail to a new level in flies that are for sale to the public. Many of the 2016 Irideus trout fly fishing flies bring life to the many nymphs,stoneflies of our local area that are dead matches to many of the bugs in your neck of the woods. Attention to detail can be found in the Irideus leggy Series fly fishing flies. These flies get eaten by big trout. the also are fancied by all the trout in your favorite fly fishing run.

Hail the salmon flies that fill the air as the snow melts and the trout begin to start the annual feast on some of our favorite high country streams in the Mount Lassen drainage. We also send out an early summer cheer to all lake fly fisherman chasing the trout they love!
The Irideus Potato Patch Dry Fly is so fun to fish this time of year. It makes for an easy on the eye fly so you can enjoy trying to make that perfect cast. Some people will run an eighteen inch leader from the back of the hook to tie on a small nymph. Irideus offers some of the most detailed nymph fly fishing fly offerings in the industry. Even if your a master fly tyer you will find yourself inspired by the love for the Irideus bugs. Matching the naturals is not only a must for trout season but our local steelhead tune into the natural selection fly menu. This confirms or denies a fly in a hurry. The flies we offer to the public catch fish and they are tested and true. The hooks and materials are top quality. They are meant to hold up to solid trout and steelhead in our local waters.
The darn mosquito's are going to be out again this season. The Alaska electric tennis racket comes to mind. But wait better yet lets tie one into an amazing fly and fish it! This pest has become a trout staple food for our fly fishing needs. Trout love these bugs and are ready to eat them. irideus has several fly fishing fly patterns that inmate these bugs and we hope you fish them this season.
The Irideus attractor nymph named the Ht Creek Hippie Tail is a top ten choice for trout season. We tune in and have it tied into a cinnamon brown as trout season starts. This is our winter rendition that has found many local trophy brown and rainbow trout.
A 3wt fly rod and an Irideus fly fishing boxes loaded up with flies sure to make dreams come true if the scenery has not all ready.
Living the fly fishing dream one inch at a time is a beautiful thing that fills your soul with cheer and happiness.
The Irideus Rise fly fishing box is one of the best fly fishing fly storage options in the fly fishing industry. If a trout fly fisher could own only one fly box this Irideus fly storage option would be it. The outer surface has a molded traction design that not only offers a tight grip with wet hands but an exclusive design.
We send out a trout cheer to all our local customers, families and friends. The time of year is here again! May all the people in the world who read this have the best 2016 trout fly fishing season ever!
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The next few days are sure to make a few lucky trout fly fishers happy!

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