Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Steelhead Spey casting with Irideus Spey Rods and Zen Shooting Head Fly Fishing Line Systems

Tight quarters do not stop a season spey caster from hitting his mark. The beauty of a spey rod can be the ability to cast where standard fly casters can not. This can be a major bonus on heavily fished bodies of water. The Irideus 6/7 spey rod makes fast work of these tree lined quarters.
Timothy Horner designer of the Irideus Spey Rods and Zen Shooting Head Fly Line Systems with a handful of perfect Feather River California Steelhead. The Irideus Zen Skagit making some accurate loops amidst some heavy drift boat traffic. Fly fishing for Feather River California will humble even the most skilled fly anglers. It is not uncommon to size down to a #14 Irideus Caddis or nymph on some days to make things happen.
For us California steelhead fly fishing can be described as a true life's blessing. It has all ways been the fuel behind our company. No bright lights and fancy booths or full page ads. Its about the flash, the chrome flash that is. After spending enough time by the steelhead rivers we love we bow down to these majestic sea run fish. Our custom steelhead flies and small specific line up of gear was honed to enjoy and tame the steelhead we love worldwide. We are proud of the fly fishing equipment that we bring to the fly fishing community and industry. Our California hand made recycled material GreenWater fly boxes still made here in Chico California have set a high standard for the copies that have bloomed out of forgotten industrial recycling bins. All steelheaders should own one of these Irideus fly boxes. If folk art came in fly fishing box for this and several other Irideus fly fishing products would fit the bill. All and all the Feather River,Sacramento River and Trinity River Steelhead that have come to our gentle hands have been the confirmation we are on the right path. We have stood behind our product and also the industry arrows. Catch and release is the game. Steelhead fly fishing gear inspired and tested on steelhead rivers worldwide is what we bring to the table into 2015. Thank you to the low key friends, family members, clients and hard working guides who stand behind a small steelhead, salmon and trout fly fishing company we call Irideus.
May your days on the water be many. May each of the days you find yourself there bring answers to life's questions amidst the tightening of the line and we hope a silver flash!
Irideus Zen Distance Casting Shooting head Fly Fishing Lines Skagit or Scandi Style. We have added a full line up of Zen Shooting Heads for 2015 to balance your standard single hand fly rods. Pair any of our new shooting head fly fishing lines with one of our custom shooting head running fly line meant to get the most out of the custom Irideus zen shooting head fly fishing lines.
Enjoy world!

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