Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Targeting California trophy striped bass with Irideus baitfish streamer flies

Trophy Class California Striped Bass Irideus Baitfish Streamer 7/8 Irideus Spey Rod

When the Chinook Salmon run is in full swing with steelhead following behind there lies something under the school. Sea run striped bass that enjoy the steelhead dining experience. These massive steelhead eating machines break off most times, yet with proper spey fly fishing equipment the trophy California Striped bass can be tamed. On days when many people would be using a sink tip we have changed things up with some new custom fly fishing leader systems and tippets. The 7/8 Irideus Spey Rod offers the backbone to cast large streamers the distance yet offers enough tip flex for a violent last minute run from a large fish. All of our rods have this designed into the tip flex and mid point of our spey rods. Top flies flor these large California game fish are the Irideus Baitfish Streamers Flies. Its hard to let an opportunity like this be left unchallenged. The Irideus trophy striper challenge this year on the Sacramento river turned out to be a learning experience that is now filled with the knowledge of the monsters that patrol the depths.

Irideus Pixie Baitfish Streamer Fly Fishing Flies
Irideus Top Gun Baitfish Fresh and Saltwater Streamer Fly

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