Friday, May 4, 2012

New Timothy Horner Steelhead Trout & Salmon Fly Fishing Flies now public

#6 Nor Cal Truth Serum~Link Below
Trout season is open and spring run steelhead are filling the riffles yet again. Find some very special custom flies just brought to the fly fishing industry. If you are a competitive fly fisher you will want to build a collection of our custom fly patterns. Some days its the fly the fish have not seen that wins! Look through the new trout fly collections and find some of the limited edition tube flies. These patterns are a true blessing to the fly fishing industry and word is getting out. Irideus is the place to find quality that will keep you coming back to us. Look close at some of the complex variant custom Timothy Horner flies and tube flies. These are not to be compared or even found anywhere else.
Pick up a few Irideus Fly Fishing boxes and build your own special collection of Irideus Fly Fishing Flies and Tube Flies Today!

Custom variant fly fishing flies with a touch of love and class.
Timoteo Articulated Steelhead & Trout Streamer Fly Fishing Flies
American Flag Tube Fly Fishing  Flies~Got Roe?Beat the bead!
Steelhead, Alaska Leopard Rainbow Trout, Coho,King,Chum Salmon Flies
The Irideus 2012 Alaska Fly Fishing Fly Boxed Collection
If you are heading to the fly fishing waters of Alaska this year be sure and bring this custom set of flies with you. The Irideus 2012 Alaska Fly Fishing Fly Collection will serve you well.
Timothy Horner GreenWater Fly Fishing Box Custom Designs
100 % Made in the USA made from Recycled hand cut Foam.
There are still some things done better the old fashioned way!

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