Friday, October 28, 2011

In the solitude of the morning we are very close to nature and something bigger than us, find it!

To be at the water pre dawn takes many things. You must keep your body healthy and have your gear ready. The value of putting the equation together is a lesson in life. It is something worth living for. The morning starts the evening before at the fly tying bench and ends at rivers edge. The moment is a reason to sleep early and dream of flies, fish, and friends. The rush to beat the sun can be a challenge, even work at times. Yet in the glory of the melting horizon the message is clear. In grey light, we are alive and at one with the bigger picture. The cork of the rod now feels right and the sound of the river is more a sweet song. Yesterdays toils now melt into golden rays across a favorite local run. The river bottom a vision in your head as you make the first fly drift and swim over the chrome flash you hope is there. We are lucky to have a lesson in life each day, but must rise early to see it. The grace of a two hand spey rod swing will capture all if your mind is open!
Dream Catchers

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