Thursday, March 17, 2011

The 2011 GreenWater "Sundowner" & "Spey" Editions~FOR THE NEW SCHOOL We had a special request from some of the new school hardcore fisherman to make something for them. Something new,  outside the mold and a reason to get up early to fish! If you knew these kids, you would see the skill and passion they hold inside for our sport. Timothy came out with something even our conservative friends loved. When loaded with flies it spells great, innovation, mixed bag magic, one of a kind! The GreenWater Spey Design was made to go with the Sundowner box as to provide the old school a new design while the kids get a hats off! Boxes can be custom ordered through the site. All boxes are hand cut by Timothy Horner. They are 100 % made in USA and assembled in California with partially recycled materials. there are more pictures on our Irideus Steelhead Fly Fishing Products page on face book. This is a wonderful custom touch the owner still brings to the world with his own hands...enjoy! Request Irideus designs at your local fly shop!

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