Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Irideus Steelhead Flies for 2015 using trout fly fishing tactics proves trout shall be king for the day!

A beautiful Feather River steelhead that fell for a 2015  Irideus Caddis fly fishing fly pattern. Any trout fisher would be proud of this momment. This picture proves your trout fly fishing tactics can be a success on steelhead also. Its part of the sport you do not here much about beyond the glamour of giant coastal chrome fish with giant tube flies and intruder fly patterns hung op in their lips. The light at the end of the tunnel is a finesse game that demands total perfection to master the natural drift and bug selection. What will humble many will become a true fly fishing passion for others. Some of these folks will drive for hours to be here to play the steelhead game. Some days these fish will break your heart and others they will light you up like Time square New York on New Years Eve.
It is a great time of year when your on the coast swinging bright Irideus steelhead flies for chrome fish entering the river systems. The myth these steelhead do not feed is just that. Part of the game is sustenance. Steelhead need to feed to keep on the move to complete the life cycle they live. The array of bug and minnow feasts prove to help them get the most of the spawn. We have seen a fresh steelheads stomach pumped on a small stream to find out it to had been dining on the local Hydropsyche olive caddis. The stomach pumper was not an angler we know and we do not recommend this as an aspect of matching the hatch.
This California steelhead showed approval for this Irideus nymph fly fishing fly. High sticking and roll casting tiny flies on the Irideus 6/7 spey rod has proved to be a great approach to the natural feeding steelhead fly fishing side of the sport. This steelhead would be a trophy for any trout fly fisher. If your interested in this side of the sport the Irideus fly fishing blog has some great information for beginners in our sport.

A big grumpy buck steelhead that was slashing minnows at the bottom of the riffle was after the Irideus epoxy minnows yet was hooked on a #14 Irideus Caddis fly fishing fly. The Irideus Zen shooting heads are now available for single hand fly rods aalso this year. The Irideus zen Shooting Head line up offers some custom line grain weights to balance any fly rod on the market. We enjoy our spey and switch fly rods and have tuned our Zen shooting heads to meet a distance casting approach with a finesse touch.
The nice thing about using trout fly fishing tactics on steelhead is you will hook many small fish you may have missed. These little guys or half pounder steelhead as we call them in California range from 1-3 pounds and prove to acrobatic hard running fish that deserve the respect of international fly fishers around the world. If your a good trout fly caster you will make a great steelheader in any zone.
Steelhead and trout fly fishers share many of the same things in common. This would be a picture we can both agree says a million words. "Read the water like a good book it will serve you well." Well that's 12 words yet very fitting.
It is going to be an early spring! Take sometime to build a collection of Irideus fly fishing boxes when you need some new homes for your bugs. We take pride in being on the forefront of our sport when it comes to fly box designs. Being on world class blue ribbon fly water brings out the best in our buggy fly boxes and designs.
Exploring the Sacramento River for steelhead with a fly box full of streamers. These we a few that got wet. We picked up a bunch of small rainbow trout that made for some big smiles. Yet again trout fly fishing tactics on even big river water work. We hope the fly fishing community takes part in this great side of fly fishing. Thank you to all the wonderful people who stay in touch with us after all these years. Being a small company is not easy but the rewards are a true love for our sport and being on the water.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The journey of the coastal steelhead and the beautiful silver flashes they provide fly fishing anglers of the world

Steelhead fly fishing in the mist of the salt air in eye sight of a few good friends and an amazing bunch of dogs. The simple life is the good life. Check out the write up on the link below. Its a simple message to the people who could use a touch of the Irideus fly fishing company. Its also a golf clap and a cheer sent out to our friends, families and like minded long term clients. We love what we do and after all these years its starting to show.
As 2015 gets under way we hope to bring our fly fishing products to your neck of the woods. If you see us on the river be sure to say hello. This is passion we share and unites us. Like minded fly shops we would like to see you take a few products on this year so contact us. We do not use pushy high pressure sales tactics. Our goal is to hear from you. We also enjoy delivering right to our customers front door from the website and other promo sales outlets. Irideus fly fishing equipment is something very special that evolved on the steelhead,trout and salmon water we utilize and cherish.
Go fly fishing this weekend!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy fly fishing new year 2015 from Irideus fly fishing and our home town water the Feather River California

A wonderful late season hopper enjoying the beauty of the irideus Distance casting Pro fly fishing line in the late November sun. Cheers to the bugs that make our day on the fly fishing waters we love.
Irideus is a small company born out of a family legacy and love for fly fishing. We send out our best wishes today to the fly fishing community. May all your dreams come true this year. Search out the rivers and fish that bring a smile to your face. Share that passion with the people you are close to. we are all lucky to have fly fishing in our life as the new 2015 fly fishing season stars. We hope everyone who reads this will let people know about a very special company named Irideus. We are here to share and inspire your fly fishing journey. Check out the time tested collection of steelhead , trout and salmon fly fishing products and exclusive fly fishing lines and shooting head fly line systems for 2015. Cast like a pro this year with Irideus fly lines. At the end of your fly line remember to trust in our custom steelhead fly patterns that will tempt trophy trout also. Put those Irideus fly fishing flies in one of our fly boxes for 2015. We paved the way with unique fly box designs over the last 10 years and still make some by hand here in Chico California.
A trophy Feather River California steelhead that blessed us with a glimpse of his majestic beauty. It is this face that drives us to stay in the industry. The passion for your journey and goals in life far outweigh any monetary gains. Be true to yourself this year.
Golf clap Irideus fly box style.
May the fish of your life come to hand early in 2015. We hope to share in your passion and personal fly fishing journey this year. Best wishes for the new year of 2015 to all our local friends and international fly fishing community. Bring Irideus fly fishing equipment home this year!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It can be the steelhead that gets away that keeps you coming back to fly fish time and time again

2014 Wild Chrome feather River california Steelhead landed with Irideus steelhead fly fishing equipment.

Gentle , something bigger is working here.
One confirmation a trophy fish lost is well worth coming back for. Dirty water fools waldo the steelhead. This guy was all shoulders and one of the few early fish to get into the backing. What a guy!
Proof shaving a beard does not change your luck. Mr. Horner, all smiles.
The site of catch and release is the site of the future.
One of the first recycled material fly boxes by Irideus named the Reflection. A well rounded group of Irideus flies for trout and steelhead nymph fly fishing.
Irideus fly fishing flies and fly boxes are the ticket to your dreams.

Some days its hard not to want to kiss that face. Smoochi Smoochi!
When you think a steelhead is a salmon it is  a good thing. Ger with a trophy class steelhead, to say the least.
  The moral of this start to the 2014-2015 steelhead fly fishing season story is go back to the water you love. Thank you to all the fine people who share our passion. Keep in touch!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Steelhead Spey casting with Irideus Spey Rods and Zen Shooting Head Fly Fishing Line Systems

Tight quarters do not stop a season spey caster from hitting his mark. The beauty of a spey rod can be the ability to cast where standard fly casters can not. This can be a major bonus on heavily fished bodies of water. The Irideus 6/7 spey rod makes fast work of these tree lined quarters.
Timothy Horner designer of the Irideus Spey Rods and Zen Shooting Head Fly Line Systems with a handful of perfect Feather River California Steelhead. The Irideus Zen Skagit making some accurate loops amidst some heavy drift boat traffic. Fly fishing for Feather River California will humble even the most skilled fly anglers. It is not uncommon to size down to a #14 Irideus Caddis or nymph on some days to make things happen.
For us California steelhead fly fishing can be described as a true life's blessing. It has all ways been the fuel behind our company. No bright lights and fancy booths or full page ads. Its about the flash, the chrome flash that is. After spending enough time by the steelhead rivers we love we bow down to these majestic sea run fish. Our custom steelhead flies and small specific line up of gear was honed to enjoy and tame the steelhead we love worldwide. We are proud of the fly fishing equipment that we bring to the fly fishing community and industry. Our California hand made recycled material GreenWater fly boxes still made here in Chico California have set a high standard for the copies that have bloomed out of forgotten industrial recycling bins. All steelheaders should own one of these Irideus fly boxes. If folk art came in fly fishing box for this and several other Irideus fly fishing products would fit the bill. All and all the Feather River,Sacramento River and Trinity River Steelhead that have come to our gentle hands have been the confirmation we are on the right path. We have stood behind our product and also the industry arrows. Catch and release is the game. Steelhead fly fishing gear inspired and tested on steelhead rivers worldwide is what we bring to the table into 2015. Thank you to the low key friends, family members, clients and hard working guides who stand behind a small steelhead, salmon and trout fly fishing company we call Irideus.
May your days on the water be many. May each of the days you find yourself there bring answers to life's questions amidst the tightening of the line and we hope a silver flash!
Irideus Zen Distance Casting Shooting head Fly Fishing Lines Skagit or Scandi Style. We have added a full line up of Zen Shooting Heads for 2015 to balance your standard single hand fly rods. Pair any of our new shooting head fly fishing lines with one of our custom shooting head running fly line meant to get the most out of the custom Irideus zen shooting head fly fishing lines.
Enjoy world!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Irideus fly fishing the historic rivers that make our journey real

The fly fishing journey often leads us to the river. Yet it is the connection to the stream that makes the experience come full circle. Where the creeks and streams merge with the rivers we love life is abundant. A short hike up the confluence reveals the inner workings of the complex ecosystems we call church. Add a fly rod and a pocket full of flies and you may have the a very special day on your hands. add a close friend a dog and a homemade lunch, well life is good. The Irideus company holds close to these days on the waters we watch the seasons change on. It is about a company and customers on the same path. our journey has been rich with the memories of these days on the water.

The true reward of our relationship with the water are the mighty fish we search out and truly bless our lives. Its in the eye of mother nature the entire picture becomes clear. Catch and release is not only what the Irideus fly fishing stands behind yet also passes everywhere we fly fish. Look at this face in the picture above. This beautiful majestic fish in our eyes deserves the greatest respect.
In life stay positve. What your searching out may be just around the next turn. An obstical can turn into a hurdle in life to land you just where you wanted to be. Nature tries to teach us this on the water fly fishing. make that hike around the next bend!
The places close to our heart have taken years to master. The complex ever changing water has made the Irideus fly fishing company in tune to say the least. Sometimes its the return to home town water using the same approach as years past to confirm this is about the sport not the million dollar pipe dream. Mother nature will shake your hand with a silver bullet if you get her drift.
With the first dusting of snow a humble attitude fills the air. The wonderful fish, people and places form that past season fill your heart. The holiday season comes to mind and the family and people you call family come to mind. We are all very lucky to see the workings of nature through the sport of fly fishing. The rivers and mountains are here to teach us on any random day of the week.
Irideus.....................where the journey begins!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Irideus introduces new fly fishers how a simple way to start your fly fishing fly selection with Czech Nymphs

A piture of the Irideus Mana Czech Nymph Fly Fishing Fly Collection for new Steelhead and Trout
There is no doubt getting started as a new fly angler can be a struggle at first. You have all the gear now its time to pick a few flies and hit the water. We all know the complex eco systems that await us offer great challenge. You will want to keep your flies simple at first matching your fly fishing fly offerings similar in color and size to the bugs you see if you roll a few river or stream stones. Inspect the bottom of the rock but be sure to put that side back down.
 Irideus has put together several Czech nymph fly fishing fly collections sure to get the new fly anglers in our sport off to the right start. Czech nymph fly fishing is fun and offers a great approach to natural feeding steelhead and all trout fisheries world wide. We fish these flies alone or tandem with a trail fly running 18 inches behind the first fly. we also run the Irideus micro Tippet Swivel Rings above that about 18 inches above the first fly.  The Irideus Micro Tippet swivel rings also save time when replacing your tippet. Saving time on the water is of great value to all of us and is highly suggested to new fly anglers getting out on the water for the first time.
The Irideus heavy Weighted Czech Nymph Fly Collection is a wonderful choice for anglers putting together your first collection of fly fishing flies for trout and natural feeding steelhead. This fly collection has proved to be a winner on our local fly water in the Chico California area. They have served our clients well from California to New York and beyond to international blue ribbon fly water.
Beyond keeping your Czech Nymph fly collection tuned in you will also want to have a well rounded group of attractor nymph flies in various sizes. This is a picture of some great steelhead and trout attractor nymph fly patterns as well as some proven staple caddis nymph flies like the Irideus GPS Caddis flies. You can also see the Irideus Prince Nymph and a few other wonderful custom irideus fly fishing fly patterns. Most of them are now public for the world to enjoy.
When it comes to taking the Irideus fly fishing flies to next level we can all ways count on Timothy Horner. His Leggy Series Czech Nymph and Stonefly Series bring some of the most detailed flies in the world to the fly fishing boxes of the wonderful people worldwide who trust in us to provide some of the best fly fishing fly options in the community As new fly anglers you can be sure to find all kinds of valuable information here to help you. We tend to learn something new each time we go out so your at home with us. The fish will keep you guessing so have faith in your fly fishing fly selections. Give czech nymph fly fishing a try it will serve you well!
The sweet rewards of a well placed Irideus czech Nymph Steelhead fly fishing on the Feather River California. What an amazing thing it is when it all comes together. Work hard and enjoy yourself out there. The sport of fly fishing is about having fun. You will find a higher form of peace in your mind as fly fishing fills your life with beautiful thoughts, people and lasting memories.
May your days on the water be many!