Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fly fishing trout with Irideus fly fishing flies and storing them inside Irideus fly boxes

Walking the dream and wetting the fly in picture perfect California trout country. Happy 2016 trout season!
Its a wonderful time of year when the calendar lets us know trout season has opened. Its the year 2016 and the same excitement fills the air as it did decades ago. It takes many of us back to our childhood and it also marks the start of a new trout season.
Living in northern California we are in tune with the bugs that we are lucky to be surrounded by. In the appreciation of these wonderful we are inspired to create fly fishing flies that take detail to a new level in flies that are for sale to the public. Many of the 2016 Irideus trout fly fishing flies bring life to the many nymphs,stoneflies of our local area that are dead matches to many of the bugs in your neck of the woods. Attention to detail can be found in the Irideus leggy Series fly fishing flies. These flies get eaten by big trout. the also are fancied by all the trout in your favorite fly fishing run.

Hail the salmon flies that fill the air as the snow melts and the trout begin to start the annual feast on some of our favorite high country streams in the Mount Lassen drainage. We also send out an early summer cheer to all lake fly fisherman chasing the trout they love!
The Irideus Potato Patch Dry Fly is so fun to fish this time of year. It makes for an easy on the eye fly so you can enjoy trying to make that perfect cast. Some people will run an eighteen inch leader from the back of the hook to tie on a small nymph. Irideus offers some of the most detailed nymph fly fishing fly offerings in the industry. Even if your a master fly tyer you will find yourself inspired by the love for the Irideus bugs. Matching the naturals is not only a must for trout season but our local steelhead tune into the natural selection fly menu. This confirms or denies a fly in a hurry. The flies we offer to the public catch fish and they are tested and true. The hooks and materials are top quality. They are meant to hold up to solid trout and steelhead in our local waters.
The darn mosquito's are going to be out again this season. The Alaska electric tennis racket comes to mind. But wait better yet lets tie one into an amazing fly and fish it! This pest has become a trout staple food for our fly fishing needs. Trout love these bugs and are ready to eat them. irideus has several fly fishing fly patterns that inmate these bugs and we hope you fish them this season.
The Irideus attractor nymph named the Ht Creek Hippie Tail is a top ten choice for trout season. We tune in and have it tied into a cinnamon brown as trout season starts. This is our winter rendition that has found many local trophy brown and rainbow trout.
A 3wt fly rod and an Irideus fly fishing boxes loaded up with flies sure to make dreams come true if the scenery has not all ready.
Living the fly fishing dream one inch at a time is a beautiful thing that fills your soul with cheer and happiness.
The Irideus Rise fly fishing box is one of the best fly fishing fly storage options in the fly fishing industry. If a trout fly fisher could own only one fly box this Irideus fly storage option would be it. The outer surface has a molded traction design that not only offers a tight grip with wet hands but an exclusive design.
We send out a trout cheer to all our local customers, families and friends. The time of year is here again! May all the people in the world who read this have the best 2016 trout fly fishing season ever!
Check out our website Http:// and fill your gear bags up with the irideus promo auctions on ebay over the next month or two. We can assure you if you look today you will see many deals we put up to kick off this wonderful time of year for our customers.
Link to the trout season promo deals is below.
The next few days are sure to make a few lucky trout fly fishers happy!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Irideus 2016 GreenWater fly fishing boxes are coming to a fly shop near you this year

Irideus 2016 GreenWater fly fishing boxes are coming to a fly shop near you this year. The sport of fly fishing needs a role model and the GreenWater fly fishing box by Irideus is it.
Irideus has long enjoyed providing the fly fishing community and industry with amazing fly fishing fly storage options. The Irideus GreenWater fly box has more custom lay out designs than all the designs on the market put together. As the world becomes more crowded, used and abused a shift toward eco friendly became mainstream. Years later we see eco friendly becoming a real situation and it should matter most to the fly fishers using the eco systems depending on us to steward them. The greenWater fly box design has been around for over ten years and its design and message are the same. 100% made from recycled materials and made in Chico California USA. This irideus fly box is the tough guy when it comes to getting beat up in drift boats , backpacks and trucks. It is by far the most durable fly fishing box in the industry. We are going to be reaching out to all the fly fishing shops that have survived this horrible economy. Its been a tough road for all but the bottom line is we all care about our sport and it is up to us not only to carry the torch but to pass it on. We are going to pass our message on in 2016 through the Irideus GreenWater fly box. We hope any fly shop owners who read this will reach out to us at irideusflyfishing@gmail.and stock two of these sport supporting fly box designs. They sell and its a product your customers should have access to. We would like to see the Irideus fly box become a shop exclusive sold only by you in 2016-2017. We will offer the mainstay design and will offer several fly storage options for steelhead flies,trout flies,salmon flies,saltwater flies and meat flies for Musky, Pike and exotic species.
We look forward to speaking with fly shops,lodges and outfitters passionate about taking the sport of fly fishing into the future. It is up to all of us to educate our youth and pass on edicate,stewardship and leadership to them. If not who will protect the fish and the waters that they swim. How will they cast a fly if the river is dammed and the fish are gone. Will they say in the old days steelhead actually swam here. Or will they say this section of the river should be closed for habitat restoration and spawaning habitat sanctuary? its up to us and will look forward to being on the front lines of this in 2016. Our message will be spread through the Irideus greenWater Fly Boxes and through all the like minded people who will pass on the fly fly fishing torch to the next generation. Also never forget fly fishing  is a gift and it should be shared. Many people need something special like this sport in thier life. It is great to see our troops come home to open arms with fly rods. But it may also be your neighbor who could use a day on the water to ease his or her mind. We say GO FISH and love the sport that loves you back!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Irideus Steelhead Flies for 2016 and using shooting head fly fishing lines to cast them with ease

Some of the 2016 Irideus Steelhead flies used  to catch winter steelhead on shooting heads. If you like the looks of the box in the picture it is a custom Irideus gGeenWater fly fishing box. We are adding this irideus steelhead fly box design to our 2016 product line up. You can request one as a custom order at
When it comes to mastering casting big flies or heavy weighed flies in adverse conditions as fly fishers we have our work cut out for us on the rivers we fish. One way to push these big flies or small flies for that mater is to become familiar with fly fishing shooting head fly fishing lines.
The Irideus shooting head fly fishing line systems for 2016 cover all single hand fly fishing rods, switch fly rods and spey rods. We are passionate about our Zen shooting head designs that assist people in our passion for casting and swinging steelhead flies and trout flies on shooting head fly lines.

It takes a few sessions out on the water fishing to get used to making shooting head casts. But soon it is clear you are casting farther and your fly is in the water longer with false casting to get line out becomes a thing of the past. If for no other reason when your fly rod is not performing because the fly is to big. Some of us will just loop a shooting head onto the end of our single hand fly lines so we can get some extra push on  a windy day or why a big meat fly becomes a big brown trouts dinner bell.

Shooting head fly lines have a great fit on the river yet also the coast and on some of our favorite lakes. Steelhead,,landlocked ,Cutthroat, salmon, redfish,striped bass you name a species and we say you can benefit from fishing a shooting head in some situation if not all.

We try very hard to share our passion for casting our Irideus en shooting Head fly lines with spey casting fly rods and also with fly fishing rods. There is a great feeling about a long rod and casting with no back casting room to fish waiting  in a spot single hand fly fishers can not reach. It can be a technical game some days on the river. Lots of people and boats some days forcing you to adjust. To present your fly in a way the fish are not used to seeing in a heavily pressured river can be key. Spey and switch fly rods and shooting heads will do this for you. Then you will find yourself on the river with lots of room with no other fisher in sight and your symphony will begin. You will practice and become at one with your spey rod. Then you will hook your first steelhead on one. The Irideus spey rods are not stiff stcks. These rods bring great enjoyment into playing your silver bounty.  We suggest the 6/7 Irideus spey rod for steelhead and trout to people looking for one go to fly rod for fly fishing shooting heads. If you check out our facebook page you can see the colorful memories we have had on the river fishing this style.
We hope to inspire people to get out on the water and fly fish. This is one fly fishing style that will get you excited again about the sport you love.
Also be  sure to gear your self up with the 2016 Irideus fly fishing flies, fly boxes, fly lines and other equipment. Thank you for sharing this wonderful sport and fly fishing sttyle with the people in your life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Modern times and the Irideus love for steelhead fly fishing

We all find ourselves reflecting on the year 2016. That is a big number and an eye opener. Once it was hard to find the steelhead fly fishing legends and the waters they call home. Learning about secret flies and spey casting on some of the rivers we were virgin to was surreal. It seems the Internet has maybe made some people more likely to take these old school ways for granted. We all do it to an extent. If you live by the ocean a perfect sunset over perfect surf may be taken for granted in the moment. If you live on blue ribbon steelhead fly water you may pass up an evening hatch on dry flies. The unknown sometimes yields the greatest rewards. Its best to take the information and run with it. Explore the hidden canyon or hike to the falls to fly fish a hole you have never set eyes on. One day you may not have the energy or strength to get to that location. We all wish we had a chrome sea run steelhead on the shooting head every morning yet sometimes its the tough that makes you strong. Irideus has come to terms with the need to spread the passion for the sport of fly fishing. It is part of our American heritage. Think of looking at the sport again as our fore fathers viewed it. Then put a modern spin on that thought with state of the art fly fishing equipment. Its a pretty great picture. Now that is not to say Grand Dad would not be let down by nymphing steelhead and trout tactics yet he would understand youthful evolution. We spread this word to all the great people of the world. Many of the people reading this have a perfect fly fishing run down the street yet others may need to travel some distance. You may be surprised at the enjoyment casting dry flies on a pond is for bass or other species after work if a stream is not on the daily plan. Its about taking that time for yourself. Take that moment over the review of the days monster fish landings. Build the soul for inner strength. The peace you find you will bring back to the ones you love so its a win win! It seemed fitting to take a humble moment to try to slow the explosion of our sport. In the end it seems many people lost interest. We say go back to the old school and read about the great people that shaped the history of our sport. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope it inspires some people to put the cell phone down and pick the fly rod up. Its something to love and also to share with others. On the Feather River in California behind the scenes we call it the steelhead brotherhood. its special and its not perfect. We are humbled by nature for the right reasons and share it and bring it home. Its worth getting up early for to say the least. If you have never gone fly fishing we suggest checking out our gear and some of our personal history to get started in our sport on a pond or local river. Thank you to all the people who are a constant reminder of the journey of the river and the beauty it blesses on all of our lives.
May your days on the water be many people!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fly fishing for steelhead in the Feather River California has been slow with heavy drought conditions and low water

Fly fishing for steelhead in the Feather River California has been slow with heavy drought conditions and low water. Its part of what happens with nature and is interesting to watch first hand. Wading through riffles searching for that one pocket holding a mature sea run steelhead. Many fly fishers are not happy when they hook a small 10 or 12 inch juvenile. This is the beauty of low water. Fine tuning your skills and down sizing your fly fishing fly offerings. The young steelhead stay in the river for about a year before venturing out to sea. This resourse is a beautiful thing if you enjoy trout fishing. You need to match the hatch and focus on small steelhead. Then when you least expect it a yank on your line will be that of the reclusive 3-6 lb mature fish that will make your day or year for that matter.
We see many clients floating the river with guides like Frank Hastings from Nor Cal Fly Waters.
This is a smart thing to do for any fly fisher to do. The local knowledge to help you reach your goal is worth its weight in gold. On many days when we have not even had a hit the clients will pass on the report of only a few small juvenile steelhead. Well that means one thing, you are an expert angler or your guide has done his job.
This is a solid little guy from October 14, 2015 after a slow day of finesse fishing with little flies.
The small fish are the beauty of all rivers. If you can hook a young fired up steelhead your on the money. Fly fishing the Feather river in particular comes down to a natural selection match the hatch situation. Irideus has many custom fly fishing fly patterns that mimic these bugs,minnows,fry and alevin. We also like to take these flies to the next level creating fly offerings that mimic a few bugs at one time or a minnow pattern that is a close rendition to many swimming things on the steelhead dinner menu.
                                   Timothy Horner Irideus Mana Czech Nymph Collection
We say hail the small fish and perfecting your style to meet their challenge. once you master the small fish the big steelhead will come to your hand more often.
Now take this knowledge on the road and apply your small trout and steelhead knowledge to big water and trophy fish. You will learn you are now at the top level of the game. Many people do not think steelhead feed once they enter the river. This is a myth and they feed aggressively until they begin to spawn. Then after they spawn they feed again to fatten up on smolt, Caddis Fly and minnows before returning to the ocean and all the challenges it brings to their survival.
A monster Feather River  buck steelhead from a few years back pushing the 12-15 lb range.
Everyone in the steelhead fly fishing community knows we love the big ones. We try to treat them with respect as we do with all steelhead, trout and salmon. Each steelhead brings a new light to life and being on the water. The high from releasing a monster steelhead is not to be described. It is different for each fly fisher. But the Grey ghost is out there waiting for you to fine tune your skills and rise to the occasion. We say grab some Irideus flies and go get them!

This is some solid advise for our clients and friends who support our efforts. Passing on the steelhead legacy to the next generation and stimulating the old school with a shared passion. Thank you to all of you. May the small fish lead you to the big one often!

Monday, September 28, 2015

So you want to learn to the basics of steelhead fly fishing and more about the flies to catch them with do you.

Steelhead fly fishing is something very special. To some its a seasonal event that brings them outdoors when they hear the river is full of silver fish. To others its a year round adventure that brings us ever so close to the life cycles that exist in the non perfect world of nature. We are lucky to operate out of an area rich with steelhead and trout. We learn from these fish by watching them and how they utilize the rivers and streams they call home. It seems you could benefit from hiding and watching the water you intend to fish for hours before ever wetting a line. If you had weeks to study the water even better. There is something great about sitting on the fall leaves under a Sycamore tree in the shade and watching the water for silver flashes. Or a minnow being pursued by an adult steelhead on the surface. By watching the water and making mental notes you have begun your personal steelhead fly fishing journey. You can map out mentally your first casts and how to present that fly perfectly into the zone you know fish hold and feed.

Understanding the life cycles of the your local bugs and minnow life cycles will be of great value to you on any water in the world. Why not start to apply this to not only steelhead and trout fly fishing but beyond into the exotic waters of the world. You will find great enjoyment in flipping rocks to unveil the the nymph and stonflies that will become flying insects when spring break hits. Steelhead like trout do feed on natural selection menus. The can actually compete for food sources so being a good trout fly fisherman puts you on a solid steelhead path. If you are just getting exited about this as a new sport, well be exited! You have searched out a rightous path sure to reward you through natures powerful glory. Just to be on the water is a great privilege and take that to heart.

Around here at Irideus we like to practice this one very important tactic. never put your feet in the water until you have fished the edges of the runs you intend to focus your efforts on. When left alone steelhead and trout will feed and venture into areas that may surprize you. Make note of these spots and try to find a good rock to stand on with an effective casting zone. Start out with short casts. As you fish more often and become more skilled you may also evolve into spey casting fly rods which is our true passion. Even with a spey rod the shallows are scoped out and patrolled with flies tight to the bank before the big casts start rolling out. We also enjoy fighting these fish with spey rods. The lower handle gives you an anchor to hold onto. If you catch a few steelhead you will soon learn the meaning of the two words hang on. Trying to describe the event is hard. Each fish is a whole new chapter in learning,adapting and embracing. it is a wonderful thing that deserves great respect. Catch and release is a given for us and nets are only used under certain circumstance's. You need to keep these fish in the water facing up stream. Wet your hands before ever touching any fish,

Now for the hard part. The wind will blow you off the water. Your biggest fish will become the one that got away. They will break your hard and make you cheer for joy in the same breath. This is life in the raw. Open up your self to the water in a new way. as you become one with your surroundings you will fly fish to be at one with what is truly going on right at that moment in front of you.

Your gear may need to be beefed up. Many people like fly fishing with 6wt fly rods for steelhead. We like to beef up to a 7wt or a 6/7 spey or switch fly rod. If we go to the coast or Alaska we will step up the an 8wt. The fresh coastal steelhead are gear breakers. They will teach you a thing or two about life. It seems landing or losing a fresh steelhead like that will bring as close to yourself as you may ever be, so enjoy it. Remember it and cherish it and that beautiful fish that came to your fly.
If you need to pick up some fly fishing equipment for your steelhead fly fishing give the Irideus line up a new home in your gear bag. Our fly fishing boxes made in Chico California from recycled material materials are one of a kind. Even after many years we are the only company we know of making this effort. Our fly fishing flies are a reflection of our own personal steelhead,trout and salmon fly fishing journey's. They really can not be compared to. Its a must to take a look through the fly menu. This will soon be updating on our website to put a personal touch on things. Our spey rods broke the ice for many great things in our sport. It was a complement to seee similar rods made by other companies in the fly fishing industry. We have exclusive Scandi and Skagit shooting head fly fishing line designs that are available only from Irideus. These shooting head fly fishing lines will balance many of the fly fishing rods on the market if you all ready have one. In any case the gear is here for you to enjoy when you go out to hit the rivers.

We have enjoyed sharing with our friends and customers and customers over the years. it seems through life's ups and downs we all ways have nature, family and friends. Its the little things in life that matter the most. Steelhead fly fishing is a little thing not to be missed. Yet, perfect it and master it. It is one of lifes true greatest rewards

Monday, August 10, 2015

A drought summer in California still yields some great steelhead trout and salmon fly fishing

The warmth of the summer evening and clean still windless waters that are boiling with life meet any fly fishers dream. The bugs and fry we love live out there life cycle and aray of fly fishing opportunity begins again. The long summer days went fast this year with the ever so present drought effecting our big rivers and high mountain lakes and drainages. The fish were still there and adjusting to the variations in water level defined success or failure for many California fly fishers. Some of the pro staff enjoyed the lake Almanor Hex hatch that put out some amazing trout fat with the earnings of successful hatch events. We all love fishing hex and minnow patterns on the surface this time of year. Seeing the trout smash your bug brings life to your heart and soul and is a true reminder of how special the sport of fly fishing is. Our company may be small yet the passion for the sport may surpass any commercial company on this earth. We still tip our hats to our Argentina crew who took this passion to the next level this year.
A classic hwy 32 summer scene at Calgon Pool. When the snow has melted and this water opens up its a trout fly fishers delight. Searching for the big fish will take you back to your childhood fly fishing memories or it will begin a new chapter for new people getting into the sport of fly fishing. If you are new to our sport tune into the Irideus fly fishing fly collections. You and seasoned fly fishing enthusiast will find tested and true patterns to help in your search for elusive trophy trout and steelhead.
Micheal pictured here in tune with the hatch and soaking up the great rewards of timing and skill. The big California brown trout are amazing creatures. It is not uncommon to lad a big one with another trout down its throat. They are aggressive during the hex hatch and will humble you on light fly fishing tackle. We love to search them out of with Irideus dry flies,nymphs and streamers. Catch and release of our California resources is a top priority. If a fish is out of the water it is a fast moment. Wet your hands before ever touching any fish. Never use a net if you can. If you do make sure you coll it down in the water and that it is wet when your fish hits the bag. It makes sense to take care of the things that bring such great rewards,
When a brown trout has a jaw life a German Shepard you know you have landed a true monster. This is a picture Of our friend Rodrigo who may have more trophy brown documented landings than any fly fisher in the world. This is one man who also treats these majestic fish with the utmost respect.
The low water drought conditions have made salmon season a slow one. Yet the strong chrome Kings with the will to spawn are not slowed one bit. There have been some amazing fish landed and released since the 2015 Sacramento river and Feather river seasons have opened. Here is Josh with one more big infectious smile for the world to see. It is an honor to fish with this a person who clearly is in tune with our local water and the worlds waters for that matter.
A plane ticket is will take you to your dream. If you have never heard of Panama we say book a trip soon! This place is a surfers and fisherman's dream destination.
Yes California has world class Chinook salmon fishing. This is one thick chrome example of why you should give California a shot if you can not get to Alaska for the fly fishing season.
The 360 day a year California steelhead fishery reminds us even a few early summer steelhead are worth chasing. If you happen to stumble on a 12 lb Sacramento river rainbow well...........hang onto your rod. never fly fish by reports or season marks. get close to your local water the life cycle is never perfect and offers year round opportunity's for people willing to explore. this has become a life style for many of us and we try to share it through Irideus and the well thought out fly fishing boxes,flies,fly lines and shooting head systems we offer. Our two handed spey rods bring people options that clearly inspired modern spey rod design. Getting credit for that may never come from the high hats of our industry but the dedicated customers we support enjoy this in our entire product line. Thank you to all of the great people who support Irideus. Working under the shroud of massive industrial companies shadows us yet our light is bright for all to find 24 hours a day 7 days a week. delivered to your door and sent in 24 hours or less. We bring a personal touch that has proved to worth all the extra work The fly fishing community is ever so worth it.
May your days on the water be many!