Thursday, July 24, 2014

Irideus fly fishing lines and shooting heads have proved to be one of the best quality choices in the industry.

A picture of a a beautiful steelhead landed on one of the custom Irideus fly fishing lines. Steelhead serve as some of the best test pilots in the world for fly fishing products.

We have been in the fly fishing product development game for many years now. It has not only required countless years of time on the water, but much more. We stay strong as we bring state of the art technology to the hands of the fly fishers of the world. One must remember to read between the lines when it comes to getting the best quality fly fishing equipment for the money. Making our fly fishing product line affordable to the  average fly fisher is very important. Our time on the water is now a beautiful history of a young new company. We decided to make our statement to the fly fishing community with fly fishing lines and equipment that can not be compared to for the price.
Thank you to the wonderful people who support the Irideus fly fishing equipment line up. The information on all of our products can be found on our blog. Remember this as you choose your fly fishing gear. Remember time on the water tells the truth. The truth can be seen very clearly in the 10's of thousands of documented photos and videos posted under the Irideus company name. See a company focused on taking good care of the fly fishing community. You may want to join our irideus steelhead fly fishing page on facebook and also follow our blog here to current updates on the Irideus products from pro staff.
If you would like an Irideus company  review on 100% customer service  and products check out our promo store on ebay. There is no doubt the 15,000 plus documented reviews on our care for our customers is there in bold print for you. When its time to re spool your fly fishing lines trust in the Irideus fly fishing line and shooting head line systems. Cast the distance like a pro with Irideus fly fishing lines.
One more big thank you to the wonderful people who have stood behind us. 
Click on the link below for some Irideus fly fishing promo deals that will warm up your fall fly fishing season. Check out a few special new things for the best part of the fly fishing four seasons. Bring on the turning colors of fall!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Irideus fly fishing box summer promo sales .... where the journey begins!

A picture of the Irideus Merlot Steelhead and Trout fly fishing box. Find this great irideus fly box and many others in promo sales on the link below.

The Irideus Butte Waterproof Fly fishing box
Irideus GreenWater Recycled Material Fly boxes
Hatch Magazine close up of the Irideus slit foam.
Irideus GreenWater Large Capacity Fly boxes are so strong you can run them over with your truck.
The origional Irideus Kenai clear fly box before the storm of look a likes.
If you like to fly fish in a pair of shorts then the Irideus Lassen Uktra light fly box is for you. Backpackers welcome! Tenkara fly rod anglers will find a modern comfy home for your flies in the Lassen Feather light fly box by Irideus. 

A classic picture of the Irideus Reflection fly box showing off its ability to hold a ton of flies in a compact cost effective fly box design.
The Irideus Tribute Tube fly box loaded with Alaska fly fishing flies and tube flies.
The Irideus Chico streamer and nymph fly box on the Feather river California.
Irideus takes fly fishing fly stoage and organization at the top of our list. These are some more custom irideus fly fishing products made in chico Californa USA.
Build your collection in style with the summer promo deals on the link below.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Irideus baitfish fly fishing fly pattern series for summer 2014 will keep your fly line tight!

The Irideus Wounded Willie  Baitfish fly fishing fliestied by Timothy Horner make a wonderful all around offering for many species. This Irideus baitfish fly will pass for just about any minnow.
Irideus Timothy Horner signature series Smoltdino baitfish flies. This fly will serve the Cape Cod striper saltwater fly fisher to the venturing Alaska Angler looking for a salmon or pike temptation baitfish ,fry or minnow fly pattern.
The Irideus Biggs Floating Minnow flies will bring a thrill to you when they are attacked at the surface. They work great dead drifted over productive water or shallow holding flats. This great Irideus summer bait fish fly will pass for Pond Smelt, shad, creek chub, salmon fry and many other tempting protein treats for active feeding summer fish. The Irideus Biggs floating minnow has proved to be a champ on summer steelhead and big trout along with many other gamefish species.
The chrome tail feathers of a beautiful Feather River California Steelhead. Be sure to build a collection of the Irideus summer series fly fishing flies along with the other tested and true Irideus fly fishing fly flies. The steelhead that we fish 360 days a year out here in California become natural feeders once in the river. These amazing fish have helped us build an award winning trout fly fishing fly collection. Picky steelhead will match a smart trout on any day. After all all that separates them is a little time at sea. Look close at that beautiful summer steelhead tail feather. To us this is one of the most majestic attributes of these fish. The backing burning runs on the fly reel are not to shabby either. View the Irideus flies for sale on the link below.
Click Here to view the Irideus summer fly collection.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Plan a fly fishing journey to the Kenai River in Alaska at least one time in your life.

A picture of a Kenai river  gravel bar bar we love very much in fall color. Fly fishing to Irideus is made real during moments like this. Its far beyond fly fishing yet a soulful human experience. The trophy fish are not to shabby either!
A nice read can be found about Alaska fly fishing below.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Fly fishing solitude can be found on any given day on a trout stream.

There comes a time when the ringing phone, deadlines and human toils leave us drained. Mother nature is happy to re fuel any of us any time any day of the week. All you have to do is stop and pick up your fly rod. Turn the static of the world off and head to your local stream.

Looking close at the exoskeleton of a stonefly it is clear there is something bigger working while we are on the job as humans. It is also a reminder our sink tip approach to the day may be a week behind these now flying insects. Learn to love the life cycle of nature its the best way to free your mind on any given day!
Even the roads into your favorite fly fishing streams have the offering of peace on the mind. Think only of water it leads.
Letting the big trout you landed back into the hole you know like the back of your hand is a great feeling. The energy the trout passes back to you will see you through yet another week of work. Maybe a month for that matter. Now the sun is on the wane and its time to hike home. Your mind will be relaxed. You will remember the simple things. Your eyes will now be open to see mother nature in her true light. Look around, soak up each step. Be thankful to have fly fishing in your life. It is really just a tool to use to be at one with something much bigger than all of us. Tred light and take care of the resources you love. They give so much back to all of us who know them!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Irideus 2014 fly fishing flies for summer and the fly fishing lines to present them are unveiled!

A picture of  the Irideus Timothy Horner signature series hand painted and epoxy coated Potato Patach camp ground Helgramite Dobsonfly larvae. These are some of the most detailed trout flies in the world. They are also limited edition and not mass produced. Build a collection of the Irideus leggy stoneflies while we have them.
Living in Northern California you can not help but form a true love for the Hydropsych Caddis fly larvae. This is one fly fishing fly rendition of one of our favorite offerings.Horner's leggy Hydropsych caddis flies have fooled some of the most picky natural feeding steelhead in our local rivers like the Feather river and Sacramento river. It has proved to make a blue ribbon trout fly also in our local mountain streams and creeks. This is one Irideus fly fishing fly pattern you should own.
We are not big fans of using bubble indicators. There is a time and place for these but we have been experimenting with edible indicators on our spey fly rods. The irideus Dry Stonefly is a salmon fly rendition with hopper like attributes. Its a very exciting fly trout and steelhead fly to fish alone, as a dropper or full on steelhead indicator. This is one of the flies in our new 2014 dry fly series. We also have a few new waking fly patterns sure to impress the greats in our sport. We have a true love for the take of steelhead and trout on a swung waking fly. Some time we will fish this way all day long just to get that one explosion of water and fly! Speaking of our new dry flies EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK, check out the mice and rat collection!
This is a picture of the 2014 Irideus Heavy Hitter Raton 6 inch Timothy Horner Tube fly. If you do not get easily exited we have an idea for you. Go to a river or stream where you know big brown trout hold. Tie the rat tube fly on and fish it at grey light lin the morning and right after the sun goes down through sunset. Chances are you will thank us for the trophy trout of a life time. This is a truly amazing work of fish catching art. The irideus rat tube fly should be fished on heavier leader than normal. It will provide many years of enjoyment with the hook being replaceable.
Of coarse the new summer brings more custom Irideus fly fishing fly nymph patterns to the international fly fishing community and industry. We have become well know for taking our flies to the next level and this summers trout season kicks of with some of the best flies we have ever offered the public. These Crane Fly Larva are Limited edition Timothy Horner fly fishing flies that you will be very lucky to own a set or two of. Keep and eye out over the next few days as all the flies become public. We have a link below to direct people to the start of the sale of the summer collection.
Now its time to cast your beautiful new flies at your bounty. You will not find a better fly fishing line for the price in the industry. You will find custom shooting head fly fishing lines, running shooting fly lines, distance casting floating fly fishing lines and also sink tip systems to get your flies to the depth you desire. There are some very solid deal up in promo in hopes we will turn a few new customers onto these great Irideus fly fishing line options for 2014.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spey casting can be intimidating to many people but it is only another form of self expression in fly casting

Feeling the pull of a giant Chinook salmon on a spey rod is an exhilarating feeling. The take of a large fly on a swung spey cast will have you coming back for more.
Timothy Horner expressing a unique spey casting style with the 2014 6/7 Irideus spey rod. Its fun to watch him work the tree lined banks impossible to fly fish with standard fly rods. If you give him some casting room a true symphony of classic and home schooled spey casts unload on the local steelhead runs. If you ever plan to fly fish for steelhead the Irideus 6/7 spey rod has proved to be a model. Find them on the Irideus website. The finish work and components that make up the rod leave the price an honest true best in the fly fishing industry.

As the California Sacramento River Shad run starts we find spey casting for the poor man's Tarpon to be a bucket full of fun! Try fishing a sink tip from a floating Skagit shooting head with a short 3 foot leader.
This is a chrome King Salmon we thought was the steelhead of a lifetime. Hooking a trophy fish is one thing, now try to land it! Spey rods give you an advantage on trophy fish. You can work many angles during the battle you could never attempt with a single hand rod. It seems as far as steelheading goes on the Feather River the Irideus trophy steelhead pictures speak load and clear to the international fly fishing community! Check the history and documented  photo and video journey out. Give spey casting a try this year, do not be intimidated by all the technical hype. We keep the spey casting fly rod , reel and line game simple for our customers. Offering balanced fly fishing spey rods, reels and lines that make it easy for a beginner to get started easy.